For: Chief Engineer & Captain

I can’t understand everything you want. I always do everything I can for both of you. And never for others. Maybe because you are Eropa people. The way how you think and culture is different from Asia people. But I always follow everything you want because I like and love both of you.

I don’t understand maybe I’m crazy and maybe I did something wrong. You know what happen to my heart. I tell you the truth because before I never stay for the long time in the vessel. It’s for the first time for me.

Today I know & understand you don’t have the feeling about like and love for me even a little. Because you think love is only sell and buy. For what reason I come to Banjarmasin even you never call me! Because I miss you and…forget you. Everything is very wonderful time in… And I come to Banjarmasin. The first day you play… I feel very sad. Today you give the answer about… Letter because you did something wrong and make me crazy.

You and I try to forget everything. Thank you for everything a very wonderful and sweetest which you ever give me even only a few time. Please tell me what is my mistakes.

I hope you please I can stay here or empty cabin even. Because both of you have a new girl friend. Thank you for your understanding.

Please you are in my memory life forever. Even now I hate you.

Please let me be here this last port until your vessel go to other country.

From Me

I’m in memories only

(c) 2009 Kwentulang Marino