Dear : Captain

I’m sorry if I make you lonely and sad. Please Captain don’t worry about me. Everything is all right everytime. I understand that you are not alone now. You have wife and a good life. And then a good job. Am I wrong if I have loving for you?

Before I ever life with another man the same as you age about two year. And now four months ago I separate with him. Everything I become happy with him.

Because he give me everything I need. Now I lose him about four months. But I lose everything from him I found in you. Is that wrong Captain?

I never want to you belongs mine. But am I wrong if I hope and waiting for you if your ship come back to Indonesia. Please tell me if you don’t like me anymore. I will come back to your ship. If that’s the best for you…even for me. You hurt me. Thank you you give…sex it’s very wonderful time. Even only one week. I will never forget everything forever in my life.

You have places in my heart. I hope you are always happy and peaces always and forever. Together with the people around you in happy and sad time.

God bless you. Amien

From Me